Logbook Workshop for teachers of the 2nd edition of CanSat Junior Açores

Workshop for teachers of the 2nd edition of CanSat Junior Açores

On February 3rd, sixteen teachers participated in the CanSat Junior Azores Workshop, which marks the start of the second edition of this project in the Region. The training took place at the facilities of OASA – Santana Astronomical Observatory, and was carried out by ESERO-Portugal/Ciência Viva, with the collaboration of the Azores Mission Structure for Space (EMA-Espaço), within the scope of a partnership between that institution and the Government of the Azores, through the Office of the Regional Undersecretary of the Presidency. CanSat Júnior Açores is one of the actions included in the Azores Strategy for Space – Dissemination, Education and Scientific Culture for Space Axis. Aimed at students in the 3rd cycle of general education, CanSat Junior consists of the simulation of a “real” space project: construction, programming and launch of a microsatellite equipped with data processing subsystems, sensors, power supply and communications system, conceptually identical to that of a real satellite. During the launch and descent controlled by a parachute, the small satellite the size of a soda can communicates with a base station, also built and operated by the students.

The objective is to provide our young people with participation in a collaborative, disruptive and transformative project, where space sciences and technologies are linked to the general education curriculum, providing an enriching experience and true teamwork, also motivating our young people for academic paths in the field of STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with a direct or indirect connection to the aerospace sector.

Created in Portugal by the national delegation of ESERO, this second regional edition of CanSat Junior involves around 100 participants, in a total of 15 teams from 8 islands in the archipelago.

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