Azores Space Strategy

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Vision and guiding principles

Icone Eixos prioritários

The Azores Space Strategy aims to be an instrument to capitalize on the benefits arising from the development of this industry in the country and in the Region, coordinated by the Government of the Azores in conjunction with the Portuguese Space Agency and national and international partners in a time frame of up to 2030. By promoting the potential that the archipelago holds, in terms of the development of the Space sector, the Government of the Azores intends to offer the Space communities (national and international) a wide range of opportunities, to base all or part of their supply of related services and products in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

Given its natural specificities and central position in the North Atlantic, the Azores Archipelago has a geographically privileged location, since it is historically a link between the two sides of the Atlantic. Either, as happened in the past, on a commercial or military level or, as intended, in the joint exploration of activities related to Space and the oceans. The uniqueness of the archipelago is reflected in the way, for example, it is located on the outskirts of the European decision-making center, even though it is in the center of an Exclusive Economic Zone of almost one million square kilometers. As such, the extension of the Portuguese continental shelf, combined with the fact that, in the archipelago, there are advanced communication infrastructures, easy access to the deep sea, a low occupation of the electromagnetic spectrum, distance from densely frequented sea and air routes, in addition to its geological identity, namely its volcanic origins, its geographical distribution and its temperate climate, end up being the set of factors that allow us to state that the Autonomous Region of the Azores brings together a set of unique characteristics that will not only meet the needs of the aerospace industry, but also of all types of commercial activities linked to the oceans.

Guiding principles

a) Alignment and complementarity with the national and European Space Strategies.

b) Priority to people’s safety, well-being and environmental sustainability.

c) Regional inclusion, to the benefit of the economy of all islands and their inhabitants.

d) Enhancement of the historical role of the archipelago, affirming the Atlantic centrality of Europe through the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

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Icone Eixos prioritários

Position the Azores as an Atlantic hub, realizing its recognized potential for the development of activities related to Space, strengthening the national and European position in the sector. Both in terms of autonomy and resilience for access to space, as well as through the promotion of entrepreneurship, the application and use of spatial data, in a time horizon up to 2030.

Strategic goals

Goal 1: Economic growth – Stimulate and promote the contribution of Space activities in the Region, by attracting companies, for the development of the Azorean economy and the creation of qualified jobs in areas of innovation.
Goal 2: Development of capacities and competences – Accelerate and enhance research and development capacities in the Region, to foster knowledge and learning of sciences, engineering, technology and applications related to Space and aerospace sciences.
Goal 3: Increase visibility – Realize the potential and increase the visibility of the Region as an Atlantic platform for Space-related activities.

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Priority areas

Icone Eixos prioritários

Area 1

Icone Eixo 1

Development of the downstream sector – applications based on spatial data.

Area 2

Icone Eixo 2

Installation of test sites for Space technologies and integration of in situ networks.

Area 3

Icone Eixo 3

Promotion of access to Space.

Area 4

Icone Eixo 4

Fostering research, development and innovation on Space.

Area 5

Icone Eixo 5

Dissemination, education, and scientific culture for Space.

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