Logbook Space Teachers Hackathon 2023: Back to the Moon

Space Teachers Hackathon 2023: Back to the Moon

Between the 10th and 14th of July 2023, the island of Santa Maria hosted the Space Teachers Hackathon 2023: Return to the Moon. This accredited training allowed 20 teachers from 7 islands in the Azores to participate in training activities in the hackathon format , in addition to activities in units of the island’s space ecosystem. In this workshop, TRM (Team Resource Management) strategies were worked on as a transversal competence for all scientific and engineering areas, including those related to the Space sector, providing teachers with additional skills as work resources in their teaching activities and projects.

The fascinating theme of the Moon, largely motivated by the launch, this year, of the ARTEMIS I mission which aims to place human beings on our natural satellite once again, was the motto for an intense week of work. Topics such as space medicine, lunar geology, robotics, formation of the solar system, orbital mechanics, etc. were covered.

The initiative was promoted by ESERO Portugal/Ciência Viva, in partnership with the Government of the Azores, Expolab, NAV and the Portuguese Space Agency.

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